Over 75% of app users will be dormant in seven days after installation

You can still win them back with real time personalized approach in order to keep your app in top of the user’s mind.

With our bidding algorithm and machine learning, Dynalyst can help users onboard and
re-engage to minimize churn and maximize revenue.

4 Facts About Re-Engagement You Need to Know

of users open apps only once after installation

if users do not open apps for more than 7 days,
they will never come back

of the users make in-App purchase ONLY ONCE

if users do not make a purchase for more than 60 days, they will never purchase in-App items.

Keep app users Engaged and Maximize revenue

Improve in-App KPI and revenue
Maximize in-App revenue with valuable lapsed users.

Earn revenue liftup
Make active users more loyal to the app and maximize revenue.

Re-engage app users with deeplink
Have app users engage even more with specific creative and deeplink.

Extensive reach to app users
With 400,000 apps, developers can retarget 180M users per day.

Performance Engine
Mobile app re-targeting specialized engine automatically optimizes performance.

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Work with the companies across the globe

Helping 300+ mobile apps re-engage their users

As mobile App Retargeting market has been expanding exponentially,
app developers trust us with 20-50% of their digital marketing budget.

Real-Time Data Integration

No additional SDK is required

App developers can send their audience data
with one click through attribution partners and DMP.
Server-to-server integration and uploading audience list are also available.

Global Access and Scalability

Maximize user reach for app retargeting campaigns

App developers have global access to 400,000 mobile apps and reach up to 180M+ daily users with Dynalyst.