MoPub publishes interview with Dynalyst SVP Ryo Kawanish in their newsletter.

Partner Spotlight: Dynalyst



What trends do you see in mobile programmatic right now? 

Regardless if it is programmatic or not, transparency of ads is required. The market itself seems to be improving to meet this need.

What’s your favorite MoPub product?
Deeplink+, one of the functions for publishers: it enables a seamless user experience for retargeting ads.

What’s the biggest challenge and opportunity in the market right now?

How to best utilize retargeting campaigns for game app marketing. The market needs education around the right way to use data to engage users. We’ve seen great results when clients apply best practices using dynamic creatives to engage the user at the right time.

Dynalyst, which is owned by CyberAgent, is a DSP focused on dynamic targeting and re-engagement and retention for gaming apps. Dynalyst is based in Japan.

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